Collection: Creamy Balm

Cleanse the area: Begin by cleaning the area where you will be applying the creamy balm. Gently wash the skin with a mild soap and warm water, then pat dry with a clean towel.
Scoop a small amount: Using clean hands or a clean applicator, scoop a small amount of the creamy balm from the jar. Start with a fingernail -sized amount and adjust as needed for larger areas or more intense relief.
Apply to the affected area: Massage the creamy balm onto the targeted area of localized pain or discomfort. Use gentle, circular motions to ensure even distribution. If necessary, reapply additional balm to cover the desired area.
Allow absorption: Allow the balm to fully absorb into the skin. It may take about 15 minutes for the balm to penetrate and provide relief.
Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas: Take care to avoid applying the creamy balm to the eyes, or any broken or irritated skin.
Repeat as needed